The Chargé in Argentina (O’Donoghue) to the Secretary of State

No. 2745

Sir: With reference to previous correspondence in connection with the receipt in Buenos Aires of military equipment coming from Belgium, I have the honor to report that under date of June 25, 1947 … the War Department [was informed] that a recent visit to the dock area in Buenos Aires revealed that Argentina has just received approximately two hundred (200) Bren Gun Carriers (demilitarized). These vehicles arrived in crates and those seen uncrated appeared to be brand new and in excellent condition. In addition to the above equipment, about forty (40) three-quarter (¾) ton weapons carriers and a few light armored cars (approximately 2 ton) similar to the Canadian model were observed. These latter vehicles were not new but seemed to be in fair condition.

In commenting on the above the … [source] stated that in his opinion every effort would be made to get as much of this equipment as possible ready for show in the 19th of July military parade to be held here. This celebration ordinarily takes place on the 9th of July but has been postponed this year to the 19th.

Respectfully yours,

Sidney E. O’Donoghue