The Soviet Minister for Foreign Affairs (Molotov) to the Secretary of State


Dear Mr. Marshall: I am in receipt of your letter of March 15 on the question of an exchange of information with regard to the carrying out of the Moscow Agreement with respect to China.

The Soviet Government continues to hold to the opinion as to the complete consistency of exchanging information on the above-mentioned question in an informal conference of the three ministers, in behalf of which you and Mr. Bevin spoke out at the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers.

I have no objection to offer to your suggestion that we should up to April 1 of this year keep each other informed respecting the fulfilment of the Agreement with regard to China and that each of us should send a copy of the text of such information to the Chinese Government, although such a way of communicating the information does not seem to me to be entirely satisfactory.

I ask [etc.]

V. Molotov