The Secretary of State to the Soviet Minister for Foreign Affairs (Molotov)

Dear Mr. Molotov: In response to your letter of March 24, 1947, and in connection with that portion of the Moscow Agreements of 1945 referring to China, I attach for your information copies of self-explanatory statements made public by the President of the United States on December 15, 1945,23 and again on December 18, 1946.24 The United States forces mentioned therein assisted substantially during the period covered by these reports in the repatriation from China of approximately 3,000,000 Japanese to their homeland, as laid down by the Potsdam Agreement and the Surrender Terms. As for [Page 623] the disposition of the estimated 700, 000 Japanese taken in Manchuria by the Soviets, I have no information.

On January 29, 1947, the Government of the United States announced25 its decision to terminate its connection with the Committee of Three which was established in Chungking for the purpose of terminating hostilities in China, and its concurrent decision to terminate its connection with Executive Headquarters which was established in Peiping by the Committee of Three for the purpose of supervising the execution of the agreements for the cessation of hostilities and the demobilization and reorganization of the armed forces in China, A statement regarding the withdrawal of the marine forces, which had the mission of assuring the security of the United States personnel with the Executive Headquarters and its communications with the sea, was made at the same time. This action permitted a substantial reduction in the number of United States military and naval personnel required in China, and removals are continuing as rapidly as shipping becomes available. When current reductions are completed (estimated date June 1, 1947), there will remain, at the request of the National Government of the Republic of China, approximately 6, 180 military and naval personnel, distributed substantially as follows:

United States Army (All staff and service):

Advisory Group 750
Office and Property Guards 351
Air Transport 160
Graves Registration Service 94
Miscellaneous Staff and Services 155
Total 1510

United States Navy (All staff and service):

Advisory Group 128
Services in connection with port and weather facilities in Shanghai, Tsingtao and Tientsin 1043
Total 1171

United States Marines (all on guard and security duty):

Combat type:
Infantry 1636
Air 499
Staff and Service:
Ground 1154
Air 210
Total Marines 3499

[Page 624]

I have furnished a copy of this letter to Mr. Bevin, and another copy to the Chinese Ambassador in Moscow for the information of the Chinese Government.

Faithfully yours,

George C. Marshal
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