124.93/4–1047: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

426. Dept perceives no objection notifying FonOff Army and Navy personnel Executive Office described Embtel 775 Apr 10. If Embassy feels it desirable have such personnel included diplomatic list and can appropriately solve problem place such personnel on list, Dept perceives no objection their being included.

Depts instruction 283 Mar 14 forwarded Mar 21 registered cover no. 16622 via air pouch no. 1915 to Embassy, contained air pouch no. 62 Shanghai.

Assumed you have seen text presidential directive which War Dept forwarded Underwood12 Mar 21. Depts instruction contained little that was not in directive itself or in Deptel 326 Mar 20 and other telegrams. Only additional information might be helpful is idea of Executive Office was based on General Marshall’s own experience in China and that it was felt necessary have over-all policy supervision and coordination ensuring all US agencies act in concert and in complete harmony in view practices in China where various elements quick to seize every opportunity exploit US mistakes and inconsistencies.

  1. Col. G. V. Underwood, formerly on staff of General of the Army George C. Marshall, Special Representative of President Truman in China.