124.93/4–1047: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

775. In course of conversation with Foreign Minister,11 Minister-Counselor acquainted him with appropriate parts of Department’s telegram 397, April 3, 7 p.m. Dr. Wang Shih-chieh interposed no objection but requested that Foreign Office be informed of personnel attached to Executive Office before assignments became publicly known. While he was not insistent that personnel of Executive Office be included in diplomatic list, he feels—unless there are over-riding considerations against doing so—it would be preferable to include them. There appears to be no urgency about the latter but inasmuch as Army Section of personnel of Executive Office will begin functioning April 11 Embassy proposes, unless urgently instructed to contrary, [Page 1435] to comply with Foreign Minister’s request and notify him of personnel, giving General Timberman descriptive title of “Special Military Adviser” and Colonel Barclay “Deputy to Special Military Adviser” and designating other officer and clerical personnel as administrative assistants.

In view of non-arrival of Department’s instruction 283 of March 14, Embassy would appreciate institution of inquiry and telegraphic advice as to any pertinent part which may not have been summarized in previous Department telegrams.

  1. Wang Shih-chieh.