124.93/4–2747: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

909. The present status of the Executive Office (Deptel 466, April 22, 6 p.m.13) is that the Army representative and his staff reported [Page 1436] for duty on April 11. They consist of the following: Brigadier General Thomas S. Timberman, Col. John A. Barclay, Captain Linton B. Smith, Captain Ernest K. H. Eng, Sgt. David A. Dow, and Sgt. Helen Mun Tayne Ng. Since General Timberman came from Executive Headquarters, Col. Barclay from Army Advisory Group, and the rest of the staff from General Marshall’s former office, no action is feasible or required by the Department in preventing unnecessary enlargement of personnel.

Embassy personnel in Executive Office are First Secretary Raymond P. Ludden as Embassy’s representative and Third Secretary Wallace W. Stuart as Secretary of the Executive Office.

Executive Office is housed in separate small building connected with main chancery which contains private offices for both Army and Navy representatives and space for several stenographers as well as spacious main room which can be used like a partner’s room in a merchant bank. Ludden and Stuart have desks there as well as offices the chancery proper.

Until arrival of Navy representative and staff, the Executive Office cannot function appropriately. When its representation is complete, it will obviously not reach its full utility until the Army and Navy Advisory Group programs are activated. However, it can and will in the interim perform most useful and necessary work. In this connection see Embtel 847, April 19, Embassy’s top secret despatch 612, of April 414 et seq. It is now considering 8⅓ group air program, aerial mapping program (Deptel 281, Mar 615) and in due course it will be called upon to deal with the various other uncompleted aid to China programs (see enclosures to letter Secretary of War hand to Secretary of State on Feb. 2616). It will review situation regarding external survey group and manner in which its successor is taking hold. It will also review current activities of Army and Navy Advisory Groups, 159 ship program and repatriation of Japanese, particularly hold out units in Manchuria and no doubt many ad hoc problems will come into its province including manner in which withdrawal of Marines is proceeding.

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