124.93/4–147: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

397. It is Dept’s view establishment Executive Office is internal organization matter and there is therefore no need for publicity (Embtel [Page 1434] 706 Apr 1). Office as such would have no legal standing vis-à-vis Chinese Govt and no useful purpose would be served by notifying Chinese authorities of its establishment. However, Dept suggests if Embassy perceives no objection, it informally describe FonOff nature Executive Office and general scope its functions and state that War and Navy personnel being assigned in liaison capacity connection such functions.

Dept understands Navy representatives in Office will from purely routine administrative standpoint be attached NA’s10 office and Army representatives will similarly be attached Army Advisory Group. Dept thinks it would not be necessary formally notify FonOff such personnel for inclusion on diplomatic list and that questions of titles by which they would be designated on such list and relative ranks vis-à-vis Embassy personnel make it desirable they not be carried on diplomatic list.

If Chinese Govt should insist formal notification, which is believed unlikely, or if Embassy thinks such action advisable, Dept would welcome expression Embassy’s views.

Dept suggests General Timberman if questioned inform press he will act in liaison capacity with Embassy assisting in coordination Embassy’s functions relating War Dept and its agencies, such statement to be made, of course, after informal notification Executive Office to Chinese Govt.

  1. Naval Attaché.