124.93/4–147: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

706. Embassy is awaiting Dept’s detailed instruction 283 of March 14 referred to in Deptel 326, March 20, midnight [noon], which it assumes will contain specific instructions as to the notification to be made to Chinese Foreign Ministry regarding status of the personnel assigned to the Executive Office.

Embassy has been informed that War Dept has confirmed to General Timberman9 his appointment and that he is proceeding to Nanking April 2; also that he is under pressure to make known to the press what assignment he will receive on terminating his connection with Executive Headquarters now in process of dismemberment.

In view of fact that the institution of an Executive Office is subject of a Presidential Directive, Embassy has indicated that it regards the announcement of its establishment as a matter which should be dealt with in Washington. Accordingly, it requests telegraphic instructions as to what should be notified to the Chinese Foreign Office which should receive notification prior to public announcement, and also date, time and content of Washington announcement re Presidential Directive.

  1. Gen. Thomas S. Timberman, formerly Director of Operations, Executive Headquarters at Peiping.