124.93/3–2447: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

372. 1. It was Dept’s thinking that Minister-Counselor would be chief Emb representative in Executive Office (Embtel 642, Mar 24) and that Chief of Political Section or other competent officer be appointed as his alternate. However, especially in view of Navy’s intention to assign Captain rather than Flag Officer as its representative (Deptel 352, Mar 256) no objection perceived to assignment of Chief of Political Section as Emb representative.

2. Dept by inserting sentence quoted penultimate paragraph reference telegram meant merely to indicate that Executive Office should have no priority with respect to Embassy’s facilities which would prejudice efficient administration normal Emb functions.

3. Dept will of course bear in mind need for strengthening Emb staff sufficiently to undertake additional responsibilities involved in [Page 1433] establishment of Executive Office. War and Navy understand necessity for supplying their own personnel and services. War is arranging for detail of 2 officers of General or Colonel rank, 3 captains and 2 sergeants; and Navy is detailing 1 Captain of rank junior to that of present Naval Attaché and 1 Yeoman. Action already taken (Deptel 361, Mar 267) authorizing expenditure $15,000 through FLC8 procedures.

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  3. Foreign Liquidation Commissioner.