895.00/12–647: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Acting Political Adviser in Korea (Langdon)

us urgent

290. Urtels 505 and 506, Dec 6.2 Rhee’s attitude and position have been explained to Victor Hoo of UN Commission who understands problem. Felt however that little can be done through UN to remedy situation.

Situation will be discussed with Limb and Oliver but little can be expected of that approach because Oliver wrote Rhee in Nov that his agitation for elections before arrival of UN Commission was ill-advised.

Felt that press playback here would not serve any useful purpose in view of little time remaining before UN Commission arrives Korea. Also Dept prefers not to dignify Rhee’s statement with press playback.

Felt here that best course is for responsible US officials in Seoul to continue to maintain firm stand against Rhee’s election plans as suggested in Deptel 281, Dec 9, 6 pm.

  1. Latter not printed.