895.00/12–1347: Telegram

The Acting Political Adviser in Korea (Langdon) to the Secretary of State


514. Cite Zpol 1473. Fourth paragraph of mytel 511, December 11,99 recites great drop in terrorism and special police measures to suppress it as well as to correct irregularities in police force. Paragraph 3 also mentions Command’s transfer from Korean judiciary to provost court of defendents in Dai Han Youth League case, in face of uproar in judiciary and rightist circles, to ensure proper punishment of leaders of that now dissolved terrorist organization (Deptel 2851).

[Page 878]

As for Chang Duk Soo case, American authorities took it over from Korean police several days ago and two actual assailants and seven accomplices, members of a murder organization, are presently in army’s custody. Confessions obtained by police indicate Kim Koo personally ordered assailants to murder Chang; as truth of confessions exacted by Korean police are open to question, General Hodge is using CID and CIC investigators and intends to establish facts according to American procedure in a military commission and, if guilt is determined, to recommend death or maximum penalties for all concerned, including Kim Koo. Kim Koo’s responsibility is widely suspected and as police, political leaders and assembly men are indicating uneasiness over his sources of terrorism, Command proposes to make example of this case to reassure public.

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