501.BB Korea/12–2247: Telegram

The Acting Political Adviser in Korea (Langdon) to the Secretary of State


525. Cite Zpol 1495. Paragraph 4, Deptel 281, December 9, gave opinion no action should be taken to put Skila election law into effect prior arrival UN Commission but that informal preparations for an election thereunder should be continued. In this connection USAMGIK proposes immediately to issue executive order requiring registration with provisional election committees under Skila law of all prospective voters in UN observed election of representatives to National Assembly. Order has set 20 or 21 years as minimum registrant’s age with proviso that determination of adult voting age (that is “adult suffrage” in paragraph 2 of UN resolution) will be announced later. This physical preparation essential if election to be completed before March 31. General Hodge asks if Department knows of any contrary commitments or of any serious objection to this proposed measure. We can see no objection here but only advantage, as responsibility of administering UN observed election is USAMGIK’s and as USAMGIK must therefore make all administrative preparations of mechanical nature. Registration also will have important psychological value at this time.