740.0011 EW (Peace)/12–1147: Telegram

The Minister in Hungary ( Chapin ) to the Secretary of State


1955. Follows full text note sent today pursuant Deptel 1225 of December 3, 5 p. m:

“Legation USA presents compliments to Ministry Foreign Affairs and reference Part III, section I, Articles 12 to 20 inclusive Treaty of Peace between Allied and Associated Powers and Hungary signed Paris February 10, 1947, has honor to request under provisions paragraph 3, Article 39 said Treaty that following data which Government of US requires in order to fulfill responsibilities under Peace Treaty be supplied Legation:

“Plans for implementation Article 12 with respect maintenance land and air armaments and fortifications for meeting tasks of internal character and local defense of frontiers, including proposed tables of organization and equipment.

“Present strength, location, and composition armed forces Hungary to include High Command and General Staff, all subordinate headquarters, all military units, military schools, training establishments, military research or experimental installations, frontier guards, and river flotilla and air force organizations.

“Names, locations, and production capacity all industrial establishments Hungary engaged in or capable of manufacture of war material as defined Annex III Peace Treaty.

“List of quantities those war materials located Hungary or on order from outside Hungary which fall within categories specified Annex III Peace Treaty, with indication country of origin each item.

“Will be appreciated that all organizations which receive any form military training or military air training as defined Annex II Treaty of Peace should be classified as military organizations and should be included in data furnished in response this request.

“Legation USA furnishing copies present note to Legations in Budapest of Soviet Union and UK. Assumed Hungarian Government likewise will make available these Legations full information on points set forth above.” (Complimentary close.)

Sent Department and repeated as follows: London 178, Bucharest 63, Sofia 34 and Department please pass to Moscow as 148.