740.0011 EW(Peace)/12–1047: Telegram

The Minister in Bulgaria ( Heath ) to the Secretary of State


1167. ReLegtels 903, October 81 and 1086 November 22.2 Legation just received following note from Minister Foreign Affairs:

“Foreign Minister has honor acknowledge receipt Legation’s note October 73 and its reminder note November 20 [21] re supplying various details with respect armed forces Bulgaria.

“A similar request has been formulated by British Legation in note dated October 21.

“Taking into consideration fact that American Legation as well as Legation of Great Britain have transmitted copies their notes to Soviet Legation and in view of provisions of Article 35 peace treaty [Page 49] with Bulgaria signed at Paris February 10, 1947, Ministry considers that it is proper to study request in question and to reply thereto after it will have received similar request from Soviet Legation Sofia.”

Sent Department 1167; repeated Bucharest 69; Budapest 47.

  1. Not printed, but see footnote 1, p. 33.
  2. Not printed; it reported that the Legation had sent a note to the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on November 21 calling attention to the failure of the Bulgarian Government to supply military information as requested earlier (740.0011 EW(Peace)/11–2247).
  3. The Legation’s note under reference is quoted in telegram 904, October 9, from Sofia, p. 33.