Editorial Notes

During December 1947, the Legation in Bucharest, upon authorization by the Secretary of State, presented three notes to the Rumanian Foreign Ministry in connection with the implementation of the military clauses of the Treaty of Peace with Rumania. The note of December 1 requested that information asked for by the British Legation’s Note Verbale of November 27 regarding the implementation of the naval clauses of the Treaty also be made available to the American Legation. The note of December 8 requested information on the implementation of the air clauses of the Treaty. The note of December 18 requested information regarding the current condition of security and para-military forces as defined in the Treaty. The American Legation did not present a request for information regarding the command and organization of the regular armed forces although the British Legation did present such a request to the Rumanian Foreign Ministry on December 12. The texts of the above-cited American Legation notes were transmitted to the Department of State as enclosures to despatches 123, December 1, 139, December 8, and 164, December 20, from Bucharest, respectively, none printed (871.30/12–147, 740.0011 EW(Peace)/12–847, and 740.0011 EW(Peace)/12–2047).

On December 15, in pursuance of instructions from the Secretary of State, the Legations in Budapest, Bucharest, and Sofia officially informed the Hungarian, Rumanian, and Bulgarian Governments, respectively, that, in accordance with Part IV of the Peace Treaties with Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria, all United States forces had been withdrawn from each of the countries. The United Kingdom and Soviet Governments were informed of these communications.

In a note dated December 22, not printed, the British Ambassador informed the Secretary of State that, in accordance with the Peace Treaties, the British Military Missions had been withdrawn from Bulgaria, Hungary, and Rumania by December 15 (740.0011 EW(Peace)/12–2247).