845.00/2–147: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Karachi (Sparks) to the Secretary of State


5. Reference Dept’s 5, January 30, 7 p. m.1 Despite heavy pressure from all interested outside parties including Viceroy, Muslim League working committee today published 3,000 word resolution2 accepting [attacking?] HMG statement December 6 as dishonest trick; described Consultative [Constituent] Assembly as truncated rump and called its proceedings ultra vires and illegal. Resolution demands Consultative [Constituent] Assembly dissolution forthwith and called upon HMG to declare constitutional plan has failed. It stated Congress’ rejection HMG’s final appeal December 6 to accept interpretation fundamental procedure has destroyed May 16 and every possibility of compromise, on basis Cabinet mission’s constitutional plan. Resolution concluded that as Congress as a major contracting party had not accepted clarification of May 16 statement, no useful purpose would be served by summoning meeting Council of All India Muslim League to reconsider decision of July 293 whereby it had withdrawn acceptance Cabinet Mission’s plan May 16.

Repeated New Delhi 8.

  1. In telegram 5 to Karachi, the Department expressed interest in the outcome of the current Muslim League working committee meeting and requested cabled reports on any significant developments (845.00/1–3047).
  2. For discussion and partial text of the League’s resolution, see Menon, The Transfer of Power in India, pp. 333–334.
  3. Reference is to the League’s resolution of July 29, 1946, which rejected the Cabinet Mission Plan.