The Secretary of State to the Embassy in India

u.s. urgent

43. Urtel 47 January 21. Re Dulles’ speech suggest you discuss matter with Nehru along following lines first appropriate occasion.

Dulles’ speech (full text being transmitted open air mail) completely unofficial and not seen before delivery by SecState or any Dept officials concerned with Indian affairs. Dulles spoke as a private citizen giving lengthy analysis Soviet ideological and territorial challenge.

Re the one sentence in speech re India (“In India, Soviet Communism exercises a strong influence through interim Hindu govt”), you may inform Nehru that we have followed with deep interest his various expressions of Indian foreign policy since inception interim govt and have been favorably impressed by India’s avowed intention to pursue independent but cooperative policy based on UN Charter.

We are aware both Congress and Muslim League leaders in GOI recognize danger infiltration Indian political scene of outside totalitarian influences which would make even more difficult of solution complex constitutional problems now facing India.

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We are confident US–India relations will continue on friendly and mutually advantageous basis.

Dulles may have obtained an impression Communist influence on GOI from attitude some members GOI delegation recent UN General Assembly session. It is undoubtedly true that activities of Indian reps abroad are being more closely observed than ever before and that many observers are inclined to believe that these activities reflect GOI policies.

For your confidential info we hope informally to let Dulles have more complete picture Indian situation.