845.00/11–1047: Telegram

The Ambassador in India ( Grady ) to the Secretary of State


1036. ReDeptel 707 to Delhi October 29.1 Bajpai yesterday again requested on behalf of Prime Minister use American planes to expedite transfer non-Muslims from vicinity of Peshawar to Arerroj Amritsar. There are still about 40,000 vicinity Peshawar. According to press about 20,000 non-Muslims have up to date been moved into India by air. Our aid most important to hasten completion migrations and reduce tension. GOI has done all in its power to comply US Government’s conditions. It cannot control attitude or actions GOP. ReEmbtel 940 October 11 and my recommendations next to last paragraph which Denning concurred in.2 Department’s conception inter-dominion program excellent idea but unrealistic. The roots of the conflict which brought about the division of India too deep to be healed or particularly ameliorated by loan of ten planes. I am convinced it is fundamental for US Government to support Nehru in every way possible. If he should fall disintegration in India could easily follow. We do not want, I am sure, India to become another Greece. Russia would in my opinion rather control India than several Greeces.

This Embassy has received no information re communications this subject between Karachi and Washington since Karachi wire October 28 No. 105.3 Since Liaquat Ali Khan said (Lahore’s 26 October 123) he had no objection in principle to landing planes in Pakistan Department could state willingness to go ahead with India, notify Pakistan, request their clearance for planes to land and invite their participation on return trip. If they refuse clearance, responsibility for our inability to comply this request will be only on Pakistan and goodwill US Government will have been demonstrated.

Sent Department 1036, repeated Karachi as 91, Lahore informed.

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  2. Grady recommended in telegram No. 940 that the United States Government proceed with the airlift if technically feasible and not objectionable to the Government of Pakistan, regardless of whether the latter specifically requested such facilities (845.00/10–1147).
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