845.6359/5–1447: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consulate at Madras


40. Consideration being given to Travancore proposals (urdesp 786 Apr 15 and 808 May 14)1 from viewpoint US Govt program acquisition strategic minerals. While we appreciate desirability informal and personal contact between US consular officials India and officials Indian princely states, direct and formal correspondence should be avoided since it definitely encourages assumption US Govt giving support to moves by certain Indian states to assert their independence from rest of India. Such correspondence inconsistent with standing instructions re handling matters affecting Indian states through Delhi which remain in effect at least until Aug 15 when Brit paramountcy lapses.

We are favorably impressed with present Brit policy of endeavoring bring states into one or another of two new Dominions and do not wish to take any action that might interfere with the sound objective of avoiding further Balkanization of India.

If some states eventually fail join Dominions, question direct US relations with states may arise, but we wish to avoid any premature [Page 163] developments this regard. When answering informal inquiries, line to be taken is that US believes future of Indian states is up to Indians themselves to decide by peaceful negotiations between states and new Dominions and that we hope they will reach mutually satisfactory arrangements.

Sent to Madras, repeated to London and New Delhi.

Delhi to inform Consulates India.

  1. Neither printed.