845.00/7–1147: Telegram

The Ambassador in India ( Grady ) to the Secretary of State


514. Deptel 381, July 7. I saw Jinnah last evening who said Pakistan CA would meet Karachi August 10 to elect chairman and organize government to take over power August 15; CA would continue in session August 10–15.

2. Election CA chairman will be first order business, I agree as soon as Embassy cables name a message of good wishes should be despatched and feel it should be over President’s signature.

3. Jinnah said Mountbatten would go to Karachi August 14, turn over power in simple and brief ceremony morning of 15th, and fly back to Delhi to transfer power late afternoon (this is confirmed by Bajpai). [Page 162] Jinnah pointed out reason Mountbatten must transfer power to Pakistan first is that this must be done while he is still Viceroy, since when he transfers power to what Jinnah insists on calling Hindustan, he will automatically become Governor General that dominion. It is significant Mountbatten will be chairman Joint Defense Council which will undoubtedly continue well into next year.

4. Jinnah said he expected Pakistan Government take up promptly question exchange Ambassador with US. I told him we would act with expedition. He was most cordial, expressed great admiration for US and said he was hopeful US would aid Pakistan in its many problems. I gave him warm assurances.

5. When I asked Jinnah if he had any matters to take up with me he said “not at this time”.

6. Highly placed GOI official says Pakistan will probably send Ambassador to the Middle East with headquarters at Cairo, high commissioners to London and Delhi, a minister to Kabul and a representative of some sort to Rangoon.

Sent Department, repeated Kabul, Calcutta.

Department please repeat to London.