740.00119 Council/2–2547

The Chinese Embassy to the Department of State


Referring to the Note of the Secretary of State dated February 5th, 1947,40 in reply to the Note of the Chinese Ambassador of January 15th, 1947, communicating the message of the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs,41 the Chinese Ambassador desires to convey the thanks of Dr. Wang Shih-chieh to the Secretary of State for his sympathetic consideration of the views of the Chinese Government and for the position taken by the United States Government that it favors the inclusion of China as a sponsoring Power for the conference to consider the peace settlements for Germany and Austria.
The Governments of the United Kingdom and France, in reply to the identical Notes to their Foreign Ministers, have likewise expressed their concurrence in the views of the Chinese Government on the matter.
It is requested that the United States Government will maintain at the meetings of the Deputies of the Foreign Ministers in London and at the Conference of Foreign Ministers in Moscow the view that the conference on peace settlements for Germany and Austria should be convoked in the name of the full Council of Foreign Ministers and that decisions on other related matters should be made jointly by the five Foreign Ministers.
If any other procedure is contemplated, it is earnestly hoped that the Chinese Government will be consulted before any action is taken.
  1. Not printed; it contained the message of February 5, 1947, from the Secretary of State to the Chinese Foreign Minister, p. 153.
  2. The Chinese Ambassador’s note of January 15 is not printed; the Chinese Foreign Minister’s message of January 14 is printed on p. 145.