840.50 Recovery/7–1547: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


3033. Pls impress upon Bevin following views regarding his proposal on agenda for coal conference (reurtels 3816 and 3817, July 1255):

Re deletion item 11, US anxious simply to discuss effect on coal production of existing uncertainty regarding ownership status of mines and, if uncertainty agreed to be deterrent to production, to discuss ways and means of ending such uncertainty. No intentions here to prejudge solution.
US Govt considers proposed broadening of discussion untimely and believes agenda should be confined to questions bearing directly on coal. While appreciating Brit position, US believes any revision of financial provisions of fusion agreement or broad program of German economic recovery should not be discussed until Paris deliberations take clearer form. Recognize importance of food and other bizonal economic problems but believe this conference should focus clearly on coal in order to prevent diffusion of discussion.

US prepared start discussions Wed, July 23. Advise if Brit Delegation can arrive by this time.

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