CFM Files: Lot M–88: Box 62: CFM/ATC (47) Records of Decisions

Record of Decisions of the Twenty-First Meeting of the Austrian Treaty Commission

CFM/ATC (47) 21st Meeting

i. approval of the record of decisions

It was agreed:

  • to approve the Record of Decisions CFM/ATC (47) 20th Meeting.

ii. future work of the commission and of the committee of experts

The Commission had before them CFM/ATC (47) 13.17 After discussion,

It was agreed:

to accept CFM/ATC (47) 13 with amendments agreed by all Delegations. (Note: The agreed text of this decision is contained in CFM/ATC (47) 15.18)
to include in the Record of Decisions the following statements by the US, Soviet and French Delegates in the course of discussion of paragraph 2 of CFM/ATC (47)13.

(a) Statement by the US Delegate.

“The US Delegation is of the opinion that five meetings appear to constitute a reasonable time for the initial consideration and discussion in the Commission of each subject enumerated in paragraph 2.”

(b) Statement by the Soviet Delegate.

“The Soviet Delegation considers that all questions enumerated in paragraph 2 must be considered by the Commission and that discussion of each case must not exceed a reasonable time. However, the Soviet Delegation cannot, in advance, agree to any kind of time limitation for the discussion of each case in the Commission as it is provided in the statement of the US Delegate.”

(c) Statement by the French Delegate.

“The French Delegation considers that five meetings constitute an approximate basis for the duration of the discussion of each of the subjects mentioned in paragraph 2, which time may be modified by facts.”

(3) to include in the Record of Decisions the following statement by the British Delegate during discussion of paragraph 3 of CFM/ATC (47) 13.

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“The United Kingdom Delegate only accepted paragraph 3 on the clear understanding that this paragraph does not in any way preclude a reference of appropriate facts or cases to the Committee of Experts at whatever stage the Commission considers desirable.”

(4) to include in the Record of Decisions the following statement by the US and Soviet Delegates made after the acceptance of all amendments to document CFM/ATC(47)13.

(a) Statement by the US Delegate.

“The United States Delegate does not, in agreeing to this proposal, abandon his position with reference to the ultimate necessity for the submission by each Delegation of comprehensive lists of assets claimed or taken as German. His acceptance of this proposal is conditioned upon this reservation, and he requests that this statement be appropriately recorded.”

(b) Statement by the Soviet Delegate.

“The request of the American Delegation regarding the submission by each Delegation of comprehensive lists of German assets in Austria is a violation of the Berlin Conference decisions and of subsequent agreements on the allocation of German assets.

“The Soviet Delegation in strictly adhering to the previously adopted joint decisions cannot agree to such requests.”

iii. agenda for next meeting

Approval of the Record of Decisions.
Discussion of the Question of Oil.
Date of Next Meeting.

iv. date of next meeting

Thursday, 19th June, 1947, at 1000 hours.

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