838.002/2–146: Telegram

The Ambassador in Haiti ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State


73. Re Embassy despatch 1220, January 13. During a conversation today with Major Levelt, a member of the Military Executive Committee, I inquired whether the committee had ever considered the possibility of placing a civilian in the Cabinet as by so doing the Committee might strengthen its position and inspire greater confidence. He answered affirmatively but added that the Committee feared that if a reputable civilian were chosen the Communists would demand a portfolio for themselves. I suggested that this might be avoided by selecting a person entirely without political affiliations. He expressed appreciation of my interest and said that he would direct Colonel Lavaud’s attention to the matter.

I believe that Levelt is sincere and that the Committee will give its attention to this subject.14

  1. In a memorandum of February 7, 1946, Mr. Charles C. Hauch pointed out the fact that the Committee had demonstrated a willingness to take representative civilians into the Cabinet, but the latter had been unable to agree among themselves as to who should be included; Mr. Hauch expressed his opinion that the elections should settle this problem. (838.00/2–546)