825.248/3–846: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Chile (Bowers)


142. Your 273 March 8. Information given by AAF officers incorrect. Dept today informed Chilean representatives aircraft as follows would be made available to Chile under provisions of Surplus Property Act: 2 PBY’s (OA–10’s), 12 B–25’s, 25 P–47’s, 9 C–47’s, 10 C–15’s (AT–11’s, AT–7’s). Reduction in the number of planes from that given in Depts 30 Jan 11 due to lack of availability in surplus. Question of possible substitutes to compensate for reduction to be discussed by Chilean representatives with Foreign Liquidation Commission. FLC will also handle details regarding prices and terms. Chileans also informed of availability of military ground equipment for 1 Regiment of Infantry, 1 Battalion, Field Artillery.

For your confidential information Navy Dept formulating similar program for provision of surplus naval material.