825.248/3–846: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State


273. Two officers public relations AAF Hdqs Washington visiting Santiago informed me today that number of combat and transport aircraft are being assembled at San Antonio Texas which it is planned to fly complete with crews and maintenance supplies to appropriate SA Republics where they may be stationed up to 180 days. Title will remain in US Govt as represented by various American Ambassadors and air missions until US Congress passes legislation enabling sale.

If legislation necessary before transfer can be made am puzzled by statement in Deptel 97, February 13,27 reading “final step is being taken in connection with making aircraft available to Chile”. Grateful for clarification as well as information whether Foreign Liquidation Commission or other appropriate authority has yet discussed with Chilean representatives in Washington prices and availability equipment for Chile in sense first paragraph this telegram or any other sense and if so how far negotiations have progressed.

This matter would seem particularly urgent in view British overtures sell arms to Chile reported separately.

  1. Not printed.