825.24/4–146: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Boioers) to the Secretary of State


350. General Tovarias, Chief Chilean Air Force, informed General Duncan28 today he was making following recommendations to Chilean Embassy in Washington re aircraft being made available under Surplus Property act:

That transport aircraft C–47 and Beechcraft type be made available immediately as need is urgent.
Delivery on [of] combat type aircraft be delayed until a later date following receipt of above mentioned transport equipment with priority on delivery given to fighter aircraft.
Chilean Air Force prefers equipment be ferried to Chile by US personnel provided a nucleous ferry pilots remain on temporary duty attached to air mission for necessary transition and training purposes.

General Duncan concurs and requests to be advised as to decision reached on these recommendations.29

Repeated to Panama for CDC.

  1. Brig. Gen. Early E. W. Duncan, Chief, United States Military Aviation Mission to Chile.
  2. In telegram 202, April 11, 1946, 10 a.m., to Santiago, the Department indicated no objection to the delivery of transport types of planes, and the War Department joined the Department of State in approving the ferrying of planes by American crews (825.24/4–1146).