124.24/6–2746: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State


601. Re recent correspondence regarding protest over police invasion Chancery premises. FonOff note in reply Embassy protest now received.

First paragraph of note is acknowledgment. Second paragraph reads in translation as follows:

“The Bolivian Govt deeply deplores these acts, doubtless caused by the confusion of the first moments and regrets that the relative individual enlightenment of the police officials could have permitted this error, as a result of which I beg Your Honor to present excuses to the United States Govt.[“]

Third paragraph is attempt to put the blame on fact that Chancery is in a public building and that arms had been found that morning in another section of this same building.

Ultimate paragraph reads as follows:

“I trust that this explanation will serve, so that Your Honor be informed on the scope of this lamentable matter caused by the dullness of some subordinate police officials who have been severely warned.”

Text being transmitted today’s airpouch. Am taking no further action unless specifically instructed.