824.00/6–2446: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State

u.s. urgent

580. Diplomatic Corps held second meeting this afternoon. As result instructions contained in Deptel 353 it was decided not make joint representation to Bolivian Govt on question freedom of press.

I complained of being singled out by Bolivian Govt as unfriendly because of previous meeting. My colleagues were all completely behind me in this and it was jointly agreed that Dean, accompanied by British Minister, would call on Foreign Minister at earliest opportunity to present following 3 points.

That Diplomatic Corps had right to meet as it wished and that meeting far from mixing in Bolivian internal affairs actually was favorable to Government in that it was decided by majority no undue violence had occurred June 13. Further that it was improper single out one colleague regarding a meeting of entire Corps.
British Minister was to explain that meeting was called on his, not my, primary initiative.
Dean, at my request supported by colleagues present today, will ask Foreign Minister to name source of his “extra official” information on our last meeting.

Only colleague not to come to today’s meeting was Argentine Chargé who said he had been forbidden by his Government to attend. Meanwhile I have two cases with strongly indicative but not absolutely conclusive evidence that the Argentine has actually collaborated with [Page 354] the Bolivian Foreign Office against Garland and me. He has gone so far in helping Bolivian Government that I understand he is having rather serious trouble with most of his subordinates here.

Today’s meeting, in contrast to previous one, was completely orderly, short and exhibited no disagreements. I am quite satisfied over outcome and hope Department will not reply to Andrade’s formal note of protest (if indeed it has been received) until I can cable results of interview between Dean and Foreign Minister.