824.00/6–1446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Bolivia (Adam)19

u.s. urgent

329. Urtel 531 June 14. In reply request Brit Min that you join him in protest to Bol Pres over recent events in effort avoid further loss lives you should suggest to him course action outlined following paragraphs:

Brit Min and you might discuss with Dean resident Diplomatic Corps possibility of collective representations to Bol Govt.
You should state to Brit Min and Dean Corps that you have been instructed by your Govt to point out that recent events will be viewed by world opinion in light of principles set forth in UN Charter and various inter-American agreements to which Bol has subscribed and that continued violence and loss of life cannot fail to influence adversely judgment of Bol adherence to those principles. If majority of members Diplomatic Corps agree, Dean should be requested to express orally to Bol FonMin collective views along these lines.
At meeting of Corps you should make statement as outlined preceding paragraph and add that your Govt has telegraphed text of this cable to US Embassies other American Republics and Great Britain with instructions to inform Foreign Offices those countries.
After receiving your telegraphic report on results foregoing suggestions Dept will send you additional instructions.

  1. Repeated to the diplomatic representatives in the American Republics and at London with the following introductory phrase: “For action stated in par. 3.”