824.00/6–1546: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

535. Dean Diplomatic Corps received formal promise from Acting Foreign Minister that no mass executions would occur and Government had taken ample measures to prevent recurrence November 1944 killings. Diplomatic Corps with exception Argentine upset over violations immunity and general rough treatment. For instance, Garland’s17 official phones deliberately disconnected. There are about thirty asiledos in various Missions; none in mine of course.

Just succeeded in getting UP representative Zavala out and a declaration that there are no charges against AP representative Valdez. Plan for formal note on Grace and Company affair as practically all its officials are arrested or in hiding.

Drunken celebration, shooting in town during night but no casualties. Six police again tried to force entry in Chancery to set up machine gun on roof but prevented entry by night watchman’s bravery.

Informed British Military Attaché that now appears no army ground units as such took any part in revolt on either side. It was a police affair throughout.

Shall deliver formal protest to Foreign Minister on Monday, having already advised Sub-Secretary18 to that effect.

  1. Eduardo Garland Roel, Peruvian Ambassador in Bolivia.
  2. Luis Felipe Lira Citrón.