824.00/6–1446: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Bolivia (Adam)

us urgent

330. Urtel no. 535. Explaining that he was speaking personally and as genuine friend Bolivia Assistant Secretary Braden expressed to Ambassador Andrade this afternoon his alarm recent developments as reported by you. After summarizing information contained your recent tels and concern apparent possibility executions following mass arrests, Braden described violation chancery premises June 13 and attempt following night. He said you had been instructed to submit note of protest and indicated contents thereof.

Ambassador replied without recent information developments in [Page 346] capital but desired express in own name and Govt’s profound regret invasion Embassy together with assurances he would immediately telegraph La Paz full report conversation.

Braden then mentioned Belmonte possible return stating that obviously this is matter for Bolivian Govt decide but that, again as friend of Bolivia, he felt Ambassador should be aware extremely adverse effect return might have on public opinion this country and on attitude here toward Bolivian Govt.