710. Consultation (4)/8–2246: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)52


4340. If we interpret correctly your 4179 Aug 2253 Brazilian FonMin considers that we shd accept Arg Senate ratification of Mexico City resolutions as actual performance by Arg of its obligations thereunder.

It is of course premature to speak of ratification as an accomplished fact until Arg Chamber of Deputies also ratifies. This body now has the resolutions under consideration and according to last reports is not expected to act before middle of next wk.

More importantly we do not consider that ratification is performance however much we welcome it as an indication of Perón’s intention to comply with deeds and not promises. (Refer to par 6 of Secy’s statement of Apr 8.)53a After ratification it remains for Arg Govt to take the necessary positive steps which are the essence of the pertinent inter-American agreements.

If before those positive steps are taken we agree to the fixing of a date for Rio Conf we wd encourage Arg to believe we wd accept mere ratification in lieu of performance and hence lessen possibility of obtaining adequate performance by Arg of its agreements.

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Amb Messersmith considers there is reasonable hope of getting adequate compliance in near future. We strongly support his recommendation (BAires tel 1985 Aug 8)54 that it wd be most unwise to proceed now with the fixing of definite date for Rio meeting.

Sent to Paris; rptd to Buenos Aires and Rio.

  1. Sent to Buenos Aires as 1115 and to Rio de Janeiro as 1128.
  2. Not printed; in it Ambassador Caffery reported that the Brazilian Foreign Minister was urging acceptance of the Argentine ratification “at face value” and the immediate convoking of a conference (710. Consultation(4)/8–2246).
  3. See footnote 28, p. 10.
  4. Not printed.