710. Consultation (4)/8–246: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Pawley )49 to the Secretary of State


1385. Reference Paris 3694, July 29 and Buenos Aires despatch 406, July 22.50 Before leaving for Paris Foreign Minister51 stated he was extremely anxious to set date of November 15 for Rio Conference. He stated he was looking forward to opportunity discuss date Rio Conference with Secretary Byrnes Paris.

High government officials here feel further delay in setting date would be construed as weakness on part United States, Brazil and other American republics. They feel Argentina is stalling in order to make impression of importance and indispensability to conclusions of pact. Other sources inform that Argentina has no intention ratifying either Chapultepec or San Francisco Acts this year. Ambassador Messersmith does not think this to be case as pointed out in Buenos Aires despatch referred to.

Foreign Minister, War Minister Goes Monteiro, acting Foreign Minister Gracie and Justice Minister Luz (Special Ambassador to [Page 24] Perón inauguration) all expressed opinion favoring inclusion Argentina in hemispheric defense pact but all agreed that if continued stalling on part of Argentina should prejudice conclusion defense agreement of other American republics with United States (and they apparently feel that it will) then matter should go forward without Argentina.

I think it important to understand that first preference of Brazil is to conclude pact with Argentina participating. But there is also conviction that Argentina owes more willing cooperation to Brazil and other American republics because of latter’s original insistence on inclusion of Argentina and they state they are not willing to tolerate further Argentine procrastination in fulfilling pledged agreements.

Repeated to Buenos Aires and Paris for Secretary Byrnes; sent to Department as 1385.

  1. Ambassador William D. Pawley, transferred from Peru to Brazil, assumed charge in Rio de Janeiro on June 13, 1946.
  2. Neither printed.
  3. João Neves da Fontoura was the Brazilian delegate to the Paris Peace Conference.