710. Consultation (4)/8–2446: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Messersmith) to the Secretary of State


2064. I am completely unable to understand reasoning of Brazilian FonMin as expressed in statement quoted close Ambassador Caffery’s telegram to Department No. 4179 of August 2355 and repeated to me.

Senate has ratified acts Mexico and San Francisco and deputies almost certainly will this next week and this is tremendous step forward as I have reported Department and it is to be hoped it represents a new attitude Argentine Govt, which attitude will be adequately implemented. We must accept this step as taken in all good faith and it would be grave mistake to question good faith any way.

In my opinion Argentine Govt will proceed adequate action enemy property and aliens and is presently working hard at this but we must wait somewhat longer to observe concrete performance before we can proceed fixing definite date Rio de Janeiro.

There is a new attitude Argentine Govt which is most encouraging and we must accept current acts as made in all good faith but I cannot concur Brazilian FonMin’s statement that by fixing date now we “should be able to lead Argentines like sheep”. He completely disregards certain feelings Argentines still have concerning Brazil and US and his thinking is wishful and unrealistic.

I still think we must stand firm on not fixing date Rio de Janeiro meeting now but there is hope developments here are making and will make possible fixing date relatively near future.

I believe Department will wish to repeat this telegram to Secretary Byrnes Paris.

After drafting foregoing received Department’s 1115, August 2356 sent Paris with which I am in complete accord.

  1. See footnote 53, p. 24.
  2. Same as telegram 4340 to Paris, supra.