710. Consultation 4/4–646: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Adam) to the Secretary of State

u.s. urgent

292. Foreign Minister38 personally handed me 1-page memo on Argentine consultation at 7 p.m. Résumé as follows:

Reiterated its memo of Dec. 27, 1945 to this Embassy re erroneous or incomplete information on political situation of American countries which cause judgments [not in?] accordance reality.
As it is principal interest strengthen American solidarity based on agreements atmosphere of misconfidence must vanish.
San Francisco Security Pact in order to have regional manifestation in mutual assistance treaty must not exclude any of its members so as to guarantee its effectiveness.
Bolivian Govt feels new conditions for finding complete continental solidarity have arisen as result Argentine elections.
Bolivian Govt declares it will continue to maintain same cordial relations with Argentine Govt as has marked its policy towards all nations of the Continent.

  1. The Acting Foreign Minister, Col. José Celestino Pinto.