710. Consultation (4)/4–640: Telegram

The Ambassador in Chile (Bowers) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

365. Following is translation of reply of FonOff to Emb memo embodying Deptcirs April 1, 11 p.m. and midnight:

“Ministry for FonAff has noted with special interest memo No. 2879 of Emb of US dated April 3, 194636 and in reply has honor to indicate its conformity to procedure suggested, that governing board of Pan American Union at its next meeting appoint committee of its members to coordinate in a single document, and taking into account new suggestions which may be received opportunely regarding matter, the drafts which have been prepared for treaty on mutual assistance, intended to give permanent form to part II of Act of Chapultepec, which document will be presented in due course to conference to be held at Rio de Janeiro.

Ministry for FonAff has also taken note of position maintained by Govt of US regarding convocation of conference of Rio de Janeiro and participation of Govt of Argentina in treat of mutual assistance, as well as of its proposal of making public statement with regard thereto on or about April 8, in which it would like to be joined by Govt of Chile. On date indicated Ministry for FonAff of Chile will be agreeable to making statement on subject in terms in harmony with unchanging sentiments of continental solidarity and good neighborliness of firm adherence to permanent desirability of peace and general [Page 15] security and to democratic principles which inspire Govt of Chile, as well as with opinions which Ministry expressed to Embassy of US in its memo No. 2568 and note verbale No. 2569 of March 26 last.”37

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