710. Consultation 4/4–746: Telegram

The Chargé in Cuba (Woodward) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

275. Following is translation of release issued by Cuban MinState late April 6 for publication April 7 since there are practically no newspapers in Cuba on Mondays.

“The MinState Doctor Alberto Inocente Alvarez has received a memo from the Embassy of the US concerning the Argentine situation and the negotiation of a treaty of mutual assistance at the projected conference of Rio de Janeiro.

The MinState has replied to the memo of the Embassy of the US fixing the position of Cuba in this question consistent with the following points:

The Govt of Cuba orients its foreign policy on cardinal juridical bases and considers that international law should be progressively [Page 16] more positive in order to guarantee inter-American solidarity and promote reciprocal benefit, the ability of peace, and the security and progress of the American Republics.
The Govt of Cuba agrees with the Govt of the US with respect to these two principles:
The unity of the peoples of America is indivisible and the Argentine nation is, and has always been, an integral part of the Union of the American Republics.
The security of the hemisphere is of paramount importance and will be strengthened in a material manner by the negotiation and signature of a treaty of mutual assistance at the projected conference of Rio de Janeiro.
In giving its full adherence to the two principles enunciated, the Govt of Cuba recognizes also that all the nations that participate in the negotiation of the projected treaty of mutual assistance should comply with their freely contracted commitments in conformity with the inter-American system, especially those commitments contracted at the inter-American conference concerning problems of war and peace. Likewise the Govt of Cuba recognizes that it is of essential importance that the twenty-one American Republics participate in the negotiation of the treaty of mutual assistance in order to assure inter-American unity and solidarity.
In the event there should arise some controversy or difference with respect to participation of some American country in the negotiation of the treaty of mutual assistance, such controversy or difference should be resolved in accordance with the procedure previously proposed by Cuba.
The Govt of Cuba professes the cordial friendship which has governed its relations with Argentina throughout its history and its confidence that this sister national will conform, in the community of American Republics, with democratic ideology and practices, the reason for existence and the tradition of the American States which it is so vital and important to maintain integrally, in the present need that all human values, with which sense of cooperation, may unite their efforts in the great work of reconstruction of a better world. Habana, April 6, 1946.”