710. Consultation 4/4–646

The Ecuadoran Ministry for Foreign Relations to the American Embassy in Ecuador 34



The Ministry of Foreign Relations thanks the Embassy of the United States of America for having brought to its attention in the memorandum of the third instant the text of the declaration which its Government proposes to publish on or about April 8, 1946 on its position relative to the Argentine case.

The aforesaid projected declaration has been carefully studied by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, whose points of view with respect to the problem in question were brought to the attention of the Government [Page 14] of the United States by means of a memorandum dated at that time, March 30 last.36

The Government of Ecuador agrees with that of the United States of America in the desire that the American Republics may formulate a joint declaration on such delicate matter. Of course, the text of such declaration should be the object of careful consultation to the end that its terms may faithfully express the unanimous thought of the American Republics.

From a study of the declaration which the Government of the United States proposes to make it is deduced that it contains various points of view which do not coincide with those expressed by the Government of Ecuador during the course of the consultation on the Argentine situation, therefore, this Government regrets that it cannot adhere to it. In order to set out the Ecuadoran position publicly, the Ministry of Foreign Relations will give to the press for its publication on April 8, 1946 copies of the memorandum of March 30 which was delivered on that date to the Embassy of the United States.

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department in despatch 4108, April 6, 1946, from Quito; not printed.
  2. Not printed.