893.00/11–946: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1852. Reference Embtel 1848, November 9.97 Communist delegation issued following press statement 4 hours after Generalissimo’s statement: [Page 500]

“Communist representatives had not been previously consulted regarding the ‘cessation of other military operations’ (their interpretation of Chinese text of Generalissimo’s statement ‘Orders to Cease Firing’) which was pronounced by the Kuomintang Government unilaterally. Moreover, the expression ‘except as may be necessary to defend their present positions’ may serve as the pretext for all kinds of military operation. As to the proposed measures on political matters they all conflict with the decisions and agreed procedures of the PCC. In view of this there is no cause for optimism.”

Third party spokesman criticized what they called “violations of the PCC resolutions and procedures [”] listed as: (1) fact Generalissimo offered to reserve seats for minority groups in National Assembly; (2) unfinished draft constitution would be submitted to National Assembly in violation of PCC procedure which calls for completed draft to be submitted for discussion and approval; (3) Constitution itself should establish means for its amendment.

Lo Lung Chi, Democratic League spokesman, said: “Statement talks of amending constitution after 6 months. If Government has no more faith than that in document, how can it expect the people to respect and obey its provisions?”

  1. Not printed; it submitted text of Generalissimo Chiang’s statement of November 8, p. 493.