893.00/11–1046: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1851. There is quoted below as released by the Central News Agency the substance of Generalissimo’s cease fire order of November 8 which was addressed to all major commands and headquarters:

“Since the Japanese surrender last year, it has been the Govt’s determined policy to seek national peace and unity and democratic reconstruction. It has been striving untiringly to solve internal disputes by political means in order to lay a sound foundation for the rejuvenation of the country, before the convocation of the National Assembly.

Although Govt forces have been forced to take up arms in self defense under the unprovoked attacks by the Communists, the Govt has never for one moment departed from this persistent policy and has made repeated concessions. As a result, a cease fire order was issued last January and another in June and, in addition, the convocation of the National Assembly was postponed from May.

In order to show the Govt’s determination to carry out its policy, the Govt now once again issues another cease fire order. All Govt troops throughout the country should, beginning at noon on November 11, cease firing and remain at their respective positions in order to show the Govt’s sincerity and patience in achieving peace.”