Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and General Yu Ta-wei at No. 5 Ning Hoi Road, Nanking, November 10, 1946, 9:30 a.m.

Also present: Col. Caughey

General Yu Ta-wei told General Marshall that the Generalissimo would like to know General Marshall’s reaction to the present situation. Before discussing his reaction to the present situation, General Marshall asked General Yu Ta-wei whether or not he (General Marshall) had been correct in his statement to General Chou En-lai that the Committee of Three, according to the Government representatives, was to discuss only the matter of cease-firing. General Yu Ta-wei answered that this statement was correct.

General Marshall then continued by telling General Yu Ta-wei that he thought the best procedure would be to convene the Committee of Three and let General Chen Cheng discuss the situation from the Government’s viewpoint, then to see what steps might be taken to resolve the problem. General Marshall added that as a result of the Committee meeting, it would be definitely known whether or not General Chou En-lai insisted on discussing political matters.

General Yu Ta-wei stated that since the question of cease-firing is the principal matter to resolve, he felt the Committee of Three [Page 501]should not dwell on matters of reorganization of the government, redisposition of forces, at this particular time. He thought also that discussion of political matters should be ruled out. General Yu Ta-wei stated that the Government would come prepared with a draft which might be considered, and asked General Marshall for his views on that course. General Marshall informed General Yu that he thought that would be the best procedure. General Marshall asked General Yu to be sure to ask General Chen Cheng to handle his discussion most tactfully in order to “save face” for General Chou and prevent General Chou’s developing the idea that he was sitting down at a conference table for the purpose of “surrendering”.

In elaboration, General Marshall suggested to General Yu Ta-wei that he include in the draft, which was to be brought into the meeting by General Chen Cheng, some statement concerning the holding of troops in their present positions; then cover the arrangements that would be necessary concerning the handling of troop commanders on both sides; and then include instructions as to how the orders would be interpreted by field teams of Executive Headquarters.