Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Minutes of Meeting Between General Marshall and Dr. Lo Lung-chi97 at No. 5 Ning Hai Road, Nanking, July 26, 1946, 1:15 p.m.

Also present: Colonel Hutehin
Doctor Stuart

Dr. Lo opened the meeting by stating that he had to see General Marshall before the latter’s departure for Kuling because of a particularly important matter which required action during General Marshall’s coming visit to Kuling.

Some time ago Dr. Lo had sent to General Marshall a letter98 which was a translation of a document concerning the Kunming murders. Yesterday he had followed that up with another letter to Kuling but was afraid that it would never reach the Generalissimo, and unless the Generalissimo saw it personally he doubted that any good would come from it.

It was his idea that there should be a joint investigation committee for looking into the recent incidents involving many Democratic League personnel. He had instituted negotiations toward the establishment of such a joint investigation committee but was having little success. He thought that the only chance for those people not Kuomintang party members to be heard, was to have active participation on a joint committee.

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He was afraid that the responsibility for the incident would be placed upon local people of relatively no importance. There was one individual, the son of the ex-Governor of Yunnan, who was apparently being involved as the chief criminal. In fact he had already been arrested. Dr. Lo did not want to say anything now because of lack of evidence he had at hand. He doubted that he would have much to say on this matter until more information was available as a result of a joint investigation.

He wanted to suggest to the Kunming professors that they invite American representatives to participate in this investigation, thus bringing in the disinterested perspective of an outside nation. His main fear was that the government would try to settle the issues arbitrarily and by themselves without any consultation or coordination with other interested parties.

Dr. Lo had information that the Government representative sent to investigate the incidents actually belonged to the Tai Li organization. Dr. Lo felt that it would be impossible for the Democratic League to send one of their influential members to Kunming to make an investigation when this individual would probably be given no protection and would certainly have no authority except as a member of a joint committee.

Dr. Lo’s main purpose in bringing this matter to General Marshall’s attention urgently at this time was in order to persuade General Marshall to take this matter up with the Generalissimo while in Kuling. He felt that if anything effective were to be done, it would have to be now.

General Marshall agreed to discuss this matter with the Generalissimo while in Kuling.

  1. Democratic League leader.
  2. Not found in Department files.