Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Brigadier General Henry A. Byroade to General Marshall32

Manchu 8. American branch Advanced Section of Executive Headquarters at Changchun is now ready to function and receive the representatives of the National Government and Communist Branch. Office and housing facilities have been difficult to arrange due to lack of useable facilities in this city but are now satisfactory.

I believe it most important that we move quickly in the present truce, to locate teams in strategic positions. Initially they should be located so as to facilitate rapid deployment to any area of possible future disturbance. After study of the situation I recommend the following plan for initial deployment which involves a total of 8 teams for Manchuria: The 4 teams already in Manchuria should remain in Southern Manchuria with Team 28 at its present location of Supingchien; Team 29 east of Mukden near 3-way railroad junction at Haicheng and Team 27 at its present location in Mukden. Two additional teams already planned for Manchuria should be brought into the Changchun area with one proceeding to Lafa and the other North along the Railroad to Harbin to the point of furthest Govt, advance. Two other teams should be formed for initial location at Harbin and Tsitsihar. To permit the most rapid establishment of the 4 additional teams to come into Manchuria, recommend the early dispatch of the American portion of these teams complete with signal communications by air. The American members of the 2 teams to be located east and north of Changchun should land at Changchun where they can be dispatched by road and rail. Similar personnel and equipment should be flown from Peiping direct to Harbin and Tsitsihar. This arrangement will allow the early establishment of radio communications and will permit the American Member making arrangement in advance for the reception of Chinese to the teams which can be dispatched as they become available.

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Your approval of the above initial deployment is requested so that I may move such teams as are already in Manchuria without delay to their positions prescribed above. Further request that arrangements and clearance be completed without delay in Peiping for the entry of above personnel and equipment into Harbin and Tsitsihar. Early notification of your acceptance of this plan will be appreciated.

  1. Not received at Nanking until transmitted in telegram No. 3959, June 12, following request in telegram No. 879, June 12, neither printed.