Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Mr. Walter S. Robertson, at Peiping14

846. I have made only two press releases15 Reurad 3677,16 one concerned reckless propaganda of hate and suspicion and the other concerned move of the advance section of Executive Headquarters, which I outlined to you in my 831 of 5 June.17 I have made no official release about the 15-day truce, leaving it to the Nationalist and Communist leaders to make any statement necessary.

This agreement for a 15-day truce is not one drawn up on paper and signed by the Committee of Three, it is something I arranged verbally through meeting individually with first one side and then the other. I did however see and have a chance to comment upon the official press releases of both the Central Government and the Communist Party just prior to release.

In essence the agreement stipulated that the Generalissimo and the Communists would issue orders at noon Thursday 6 June halting advances, attacks or pursuits by their Manchurian forces for a 15-day period commencing at noon 7 June. During this 15-day period complete agreement must be reached regarding 3 major points, that is, arrangements for complete termination of hostilities in Manchuria, complete resumption of communications in China, and execution without delay of agreement of 25 February for reorganization of armed forces.

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