Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

General Marshall to Brigadier General Henry A. Byroade,13 at Changchun

843. It is my thought and desire that you should proceed to get firmly established in Changchun particularly as to communications and reserve of transportation. Probably little can be done by your headquarters towards composing crises or hostilities during 15-day period which commences today. But you might be called upon to arbitrate or act in some particular situation.

Meanwhile I suggest that you endeavor to survey situation in Manchuria [Page 993] and actually to establish a few detached posts with American officer and communications at prospective focal points, Harbin if permitted, Kirin, Anshan, etc., so that you will be ready and capable to carry out rather elaborate or complicated cease firing terms without delay. If my influence is needed in this matter let me know.

Also, I want you immediately to give your best thought to method of readjustment for matters in Manchuria during first 30-day period. Chou En-lai leaves for Yenan this morning and probably will go to Manchuria after returning here. Also, will probably then meet with me in Peiping and I will want you there at that time with your detailed proposals.

  1. Director of Operations of Executive Headquarters and head of its Advance Section at Changchun.