Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson89 and Brigadier General Henry A. Byroade90 to General Marshall

3053. The Communists continue to make a mockery of team action at the following: Chaoyang Team 26, Chihfeng Team 2, Chengte Team 11, Shih Chia Chuang Team 12, Yungnin Team 31, Hsuchow Teams 4 and 24.

For your background information separate radio (designated as “Part 2”91) follows transmitting in full message just received in clear from American member Team number 11 Chengte. It is illustrative of the complete frustration now being experienced as result of Communist non-cooperation. Communist branch here apparently powerless to correct situation. Recommend showdown with Chou En-lai.

  1. American Commissioner of Executive Headquarters.
  2. Director of Operations of Executive Headquarters.
  3. Not found in Department files.