Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Counterproposal of the Chinese Communist Party Presented to Government Representatives on January 3, 1946

With an effective, unconditional, and immediate cessation of internal military conflict in view, the representatives of the National Government and the representatives of the Chinese Communist Party have agreed upon the following arrangements:

Both sides will at once order the troops under their command anywhere within the country to remain at their present positions, to cease all military conflict, and to restore all communications.
As internal military conflicts affect our obligations vis-à-vis our Allies regarding the acceptance of Japanese surrender and repatriation of enemy troops, it is agreed that the Government and the Chinese Communist Party will each designate a representative to confer, together with General Marshall, on matters related to the cessation of military conflicts, restoration of all communications, acceptance of surrender, and repatriation of Japanese troops, with a view to the formulation of concrete measures for the settlement of the said matters. The measures thus agreed upon will be presented to the National Government for execution. Upon the completion of the task mentioned above, or when the Government and the Chinese Communist Party believe that they can complete by themselves the task mentioned above, the conference shall cease.
It is proposed that the Political Consultative Council will elect impartial persons from different professions in the country, including members of the People’s Political Council, to form together with the representatives of the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party a Military Inspection Mission, to visit under the direction of the Political Consultative Council various districts where military conflicts have taken place and where Japanese and puppet troops are stationed, to make inspections on the spot, to report from time to time on the actual situation, and to publish their reports.