Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270: Telegram

Mr. Walter S. Robertson to General Marshall

2192. Executive Headquarters has received message from Team Number 8 at Canton that agreement cannot be reached between members of that team on the movement of National Government troops to increase the present corridor for Communist movements which is approximately 12 miles wide. In commissioners meeting this morning the following message was agreed to between the commissioners and has been dispatched in the clear:

“This message refers to movement of Communist forces from the Canton area and is addressed to General Chang Fa Kwei and to all members of Field Team Number 8 from the Three Commissioners of Executive Headquarters signed Robertson, Chairman, 2989.

According to team report General Chang Fa Kwei has guaranteed safe conduct for the Communist forces already agreed to be evacuated from the Mirs Bay area. He is requested to acknowledge acceptance of such responsibility in a message to Three Commissioners of Executive Headquarters. He is further requested to send liaison and staff officers to accompany the movement and embarkation.

The Communists have expressed concern over the width of the corridor through which their troops must move to the evacuation points. In order to remove this last barrier to complete and satisfactory agreement, General Chang is urged by this headquarters to consider widening the present corridor between his troop locations.

Field Team Number 8 with lists added supporting liaison sub teams will supervise and accompany the movement and evacuation of the Communist troops with a view to insure their security.”

In addition the National Government and Communist commissioners agreed between themselves to each send a message to General Chang Fa Kwei requesting that he reconsider his previous stand of not moving his forces to provide a wider corridor for Communist movement.

While the above solution is not ideal it is hoped it may result in satisfactory solution of the problem and permit initiation of the Communist evacuation.