Marshall Mission Files, Lot 54–D270

Memorandum by Mr. Liao Cheng-chi to Colonel J. Hart Caughey

Dear Colonel Caughey: The affairs referring to the Communist forces in Kwangtung have been delayed for two whole weeks, and the latest development there proves that the Generalissimo’s Headquarters at Canton is tending to augment the difficulties for settlement, as it is shown by the following facts:

Under the pretext that the liaison teams are not yet ready for despatch, since that depends on the arrival of the American team members, the Generalissimo’s Headquarters in Canton refused to issue order for cessation of military actions. It insisted that order to this effect can only be issued one day prior to the despatch of the liaison teams. This implies that the Communist forces in Kwangtung are still exposed to the danger of being attacked by forces under the jurisdiction of the Kwangtung authority.
Seeing that there is no sign of abatement of Nationalist aggressive activities, the execution of, and preparation for, the concentration of the Communist forces at the staging area—Tapeng Peninsula—are sure to be jeopardized, or at least seriously affected. Furthermore, according to the reports received here from Canton, the Generalissimo’s Headquarters has made a public statement saying [that it has set ready five regiments to continue the “pacification work along the East River, and that the “pacification actions” shall in no way be impaired, which infers that such actions would not be restrained on account of Executive Headquarters or the Eighth Field Team.
The Government insists that two places, Tamshui and Lung Kang, having a great bearing on the staging area—Tapeng Peninsula—should be heavily garrisoned. The Government even took exception to the proposition prepared by Colonel Miller of the Eighth [Page 645] Field Team, that not more than one battalion (five hundred men) should be stationed at Tamshui, and one company of gendarmes at Lung Kang. In view of this fact, the menace over the assembled Communist forces pending embarkation is not removed.
These circumstances show that the Generalissimo’s Headquarters at Canton is still lacking faith in resolving the Kwangtung problem. That they have refused to issue order of cessation of action, that they have declared that the “pacification” along the East River shall not be affected, and that Tamshui and Lung Kang should be heavily garrisoned are all out of keeping with the Truce Agreement. Apart from lodging a protest to the Generalissimo’s Headquarters at Canton through the Eighth Field Team, I wish to call your attention to this state of affairs, and request that you will kindly report the same to General Marshall and General Gillem.

Faithfully yours,

Liao Cheng-chi